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Ridin' Low

CR-X Series monitors are loved by many from home studio enthusiasts to those looking to up their music listening game. But anyone who needs an ultra-low profile system that can squeeze under a desktop display without sacrificing sound quality might not be sharing in that love, until now...

Under the Radar and Under Your Monitor

Bring the CR-X Series to an entirely new form factor, CR StealthBar offers a desktop audio solution for anyone that just doesn't have the room (or desire) to have traditional speakers on their desk. Sound and desk space optimization make it easy to tailor it to your needs while delivering the sound quality and oomph that you need.

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Bradley ”B-Rad” Gagné is an artist, producer, and sound engineer. He graduated from the Los Angeles Recording School in 2012, earning himself an Associates's Degree in the Science of Recording Arts. B-Rad joined Mackie in January of 2019 as a Product Specialist, finally finding a home where he could cultivate his many talents and pursue his dreams in the music industry.

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