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The EM-Series has become a no-brainer for anyone seeking a quality mic for both recording and live sound use. For the first time, Mackie is introducing not only the first wireless system for the EM-Series, but our first ever as a company. Designed for extreme ease-of-use and reliability, EM-Wave is perfect for content creators, mobile journalism, and more.

What Makes it Mackie?

Wireless microphone systems can be intimidating and cumbersome. We took the whole concept and did our Mackie thing with it. The result, an incredibly simple, yet professional sounding wireless system that doesn't require audio nerd status to understand. Just pair it, plug it in, and go.

Can I show off my expertness?

Not only will you walk away feeling warm and fuzzy with your newly acquired knowledge, but you'll be equipped to pass that knowledge on to the rest of the world. And yes you will get a fancy certificate at the end.

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