Bread and Butter

When DJs hear the word Thump, chances are they think of those awesome speakers that got them through a ton of gigs last summer. Thats a pretty common story, and it's one that the latest evolution of Thump will continue with new generations of DJs, bands, clubs, and more.

Honing in On What Matters

With each new Thump Series, we focus on what people really want out of their loudspeaker. Nowadays, an emphasis on ease of use, helpful tools, and reliability are as important than ever and the new Thump series is here to deliver. With similar options as the previous generation, Thump will be available in both standard and enhanced models plus an 18" and 15" subwoofer.

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Bradley ”B-Rad” Gagné is an artist, producer, and sound engineer. He graduated from the Los Angeles Recording School in 2012, earning himself an Associates's Degree in the Science of Recording Arts. B-Rad joined Mackie in January of 2019 as a Product Specialist, finally finding a home where he could cultivate his many talents and pursue his dreams in the music industry.

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